Introduction of the youth organization of public health

The National Association of Youth First-Aid (IFELORE™) focuses on organizing programs for youth in accordance to the recognition of life threatening situations, (prevention and aid), healthcare and for spending quality time.
The most important non-profit activities of this association are:
-life-saving courses,
-health and care professions
-disease prevention programs
The association carries out most of its activities by organizing extracurricular activities. Lifesaving courses can be attended by pupil of several schools/universities (medical, veterinary) as well. We also relocate our health care sessions to mass sports events such as Old Lake Man, NATO Run. Our disease prevention education is also available to school and residential communities. We implement almost half of our programs in our three base settlements (Budapest, Debrecen, Tatabánya). We manage our association life from Budapest (KÖSZI). Our association logo is under copyright!

In the 25 years since IFELORE™ was founded, it has organized many first aid trainings and competitions, first aid and rescue services, health days, mass sports and leisure events. Through its work, it has motivated many thousands of young people and set an example for their careers. Vocational educators, nurses, paramedics, doctors have become our members and volunteers. Many of them have become first aiders, occupational safety specialists at their company. This is perhaps the greatest achievement of , ours that they love what they have learned and they do it professionally.
The main achievements of our association last year:
-life-saving education, organized for more than 600 people,
-health promotion, more than 2300 people took part,
-leisure events with more than 700 participants,
-the number of our association volunteers raised to 97,
-our trainings and occupations took place in more than 20 institutions.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more clear that fewer and fewer people are applying for healthcare, so the number of job applicants is slowly running out. We are trying - with the continuous work of our organization - to improve this and to find enthusiastic professionals for the health tasks of the future, to train them, to give them the enthusiasm.
We want to meet two social needs:
-health needs (first aid, health preservation, epidemic prevention )
-educational need (acquisition of knowledge and skills)
Social effects of the operation of the association:
-every year we provide useful opportunities and learning opportunities for nearly a thousand young people
-Hundreds of high school students can volunteer for school community service
-a volunteer helper of almost 100 people and approx. we have a five hundred membership in the community
-We reach 40 thousand people with these health services ( 31.12. 2019 data )

The legal environment of IFELORE™ is the following: Our association has retained its public benefit degree, its tax affairs and statistical reports are in order, its national management is functioning, its representation is valid!
In the coming months , we are preparing for first aid education and first aid on duty in sports programs, as well as participating in a youth and leisure program. These can be found in the PROGRAMS menu of our website! Watch our programs and join them! If you are also looking for pictures (as of 01.01.2021), you can find out more at:

Our motto: First Aid = Life Saving!