The National Youth Club of First Aid Attendants in Hungary

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Detailed introduction of the youth organization of public health

The National Youth Club of First Aid Attendants (in short/in the following: IFELORE) is a national youth organization which has been active since 1995. The independent and self-organizated club is continuously in work since 1952 and it can continuously renew himself by his previous organizations. The most important aims of the organization are: the useful spend of the youth's free time and the preservation of their health, to organizate activities to help people who are in danger, all these activities are organized and done by our volunteers. The centre of the organization has always been in Budapest.

The profile of the organization:

With our professional activity we try to gain attention for the importance and potentialities of the common work of person and community and for the recognition of the value of health.
Our youth organization gains huge attention for the continuously maintenance of representation and protection of interests of children and youth. For this reason we operate a non-stop aid hotline, which could be called also because of health problems.
For the useful spending of the freetime we organize hikings and campings. As far as possible the participants get to know a settlement or the interests and the natural sights of a region.
We continuously enlarge the number of our youth groups and the locales of our club activities. On our local programmes we provide opportunities for meetings of youth and to lay stress on the values of health and community. We try to realize with our lectures and activities not just the aims of professional education but also the tasks of being educated for a community life. Of our work by the education of the youth is characteristic the friendly atmosphere and the reciprocal assistance. We can realize the operation of our IFELORE from application sums, from donations from our sponsores and the organization has an own business. The success and the professional level of our activity is provided by volunteer experts, who are working in our club. Those people are for example ambulancemen, teachers, health workers, lifeguards, etc.
Our organisation is an organization for public use. The club is one of the founders of the National Children and Youth Association (NEGYISZ), which is the head-organization of the non-political children and youth organizations. The national ambulance service (OMSZ) looks after his professional activity.

Our organization organizes at present independent programmes in 14 countys and 29 settlements. Our activities are realised in all the 7 euro-regions. With our activities we hold together children and youth communities, we protect the interests of age-groups, we try to improve their life-conditions, all these tasks are formulated in the constitution of our organization. Our programmes are organizated for children between 10 and 14 years and between 15 and 26 years. These are for example the local youth clubs, the activities at school, not within lessons, but competitions for cities, settlements, national competitions, youth meetings, etc. At present the work of the IFELORE is helped by more than 50 volunteers. Our organization hasn't got full-time workers.

    The most successful programmes, which were organisated by IFELORE in the year 2004:

National Childday - Budapest, City Park (May)
Social Camping - Keszthely, at Lake Balaton (August)
Childrenleader-forming Summit conference - Zamárdi, at Lake Balaton (October)
Health Day - Tatabánya, Ferencváros and Angyalföld (April), Tápiószele and Kőbánya (August)
The National Competition for First Aid Attendants - Visegrád (May)
Meeting for Youth Leaders - Arló (January), Kőbánya (September)
St. Stephan's Day - Esztergom (August)
First aid courses in 31 settlements and in 8 districts in the capital (continuously), etc.

Reference works of us:

International Castle Games in Visegrád
Musicfestival in Hajdúböszörmény
Gerecse - 50 km long power-hiking (Tatabánya)
Flowercarnival in Debrecen
Youth Days in Szeged

We can organize all above mentioned with the organization work and arrangement of our volunteers. Cca. 300-500 persons have taken part on the mentioned programmes each (without the organizators), during the last two years more than 25 000 people have taken part on our programmes. On our education-programmes it's very important that the programme organization should be children and youth centered, the programmes should be built up on each other, we should educate youth for games and for useful activities, we should stress the value of community, etc. For these reasons we continuously train our adult volunteers and our youth leaders. We pay extra attention to stay in contact with youth who are living in the outskirts and because they are threatened by drugs, violence, etc.
Our motto for the year 2005 is: IFELORE = first aid attendants together in a great team!

    Budapest, 28. Februar 2005